Assessment Process

Your Past | Your Present

The TRUENORTH Church and Ministry Assessment Process (TNOAP) is a diagnostic checkup and assessment of your church organization that is designed to provide you with a measureable perspective of your past, present, and future with which to measure your ministry’s results, challenges, and opportunities.  During this process we help you truly find the heart and core of your ministry organization through research, analysis and a series of one-on-one and group information gathering sessions. The TNOAP process highlights areas of your church that need greater and immediate attention, and provide the foundation for developing solid strategies. 

What to Expect

We typically spend a few days to a few weeks conducting the assessment. We explore possibilities, probabilities and past indicators to reveal your church organization's unique personality—and that of your ministry leaders.  At the conclusion of the assessment, we are in a position to evaluate how small changes and adjustments can make big differences, fully in your ministry.

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