Our Next Level Plus Process offers an integrated methodology that takes the very best organizational and business practices from across multiple disciplines to offer you the most effective approach to take your organization to the next level.  Unlike traditional consulting and project management firms we are a committed team of highly experienced thought leaders and practitioners in the arena of strategy management and organizational excellence.  We pride ourselves in ensuring that our engagements are tailored to the specific client situation. Our hallmark comes from our ability to be highly effective and productive in a very short amount of time – thereby maximizing our value to each client.  In order to take your business to the next level, you need to have a solid strategy, a high level of professional guidance, and a great deal of persistence.  Next Level Plus can assist you with the development and implementation of solid, substantive strategies that will catapult your business to the next level. 

Rethinking Business Strategy

Business Assessment


The Next Level Plus Organization Assessment is a diagnostic checkup and assessment of your organization that is designed to provide you with a measureable perspective of your past, present, and future with which to measure your company’s results, challenges, and opportunities.  The assessment will highlight areas of the organization that need greater and immediate attention, and provide the foundation for developing solid strategies. We typically spend a few days to a few weeks conducting the assessment.  

At the conclusion of the assessment a time is scheduled to evaluate the results and findings of the assessment with you and your team.

Business Evaluation


The Next Level Plus Evaluation Process is perhaps the most important step of the process.  This is when we review the findings of the assessment with you and your team to determine what are the primary and initial steps that the organization needs to take to get to the next level.  The discussion will bring to light the importance of striking a balance between strategic and tactical goals and a balance between the core functions of Finance, Marketing, Sales, Operations, and People.  The conclusions drawn from the evaluation process will become the foundation for your customized Strategic Plan. 

Strategic Planning


After evaluation of the assessment is complete, we begin to work on the Next Level Plus Strategic Planning Process.  It is during the planning process that we spend the necessary time to identify and research solutions to the right problem(s) and identify and develop plans to eliminate hindrances that may interfere with your organization seizing the identified opportunities for growth in your organization. The strategic planning process is crucial in bridging the gap between your company’s current position and the desired future position.  Typically the strategic planning process will include one or more of the following:  Project Management, Process Management, and Consulting.

Change Management


It is widely recognized that every new level of organizational advancement and every system or process requires a degree of staff and team adjustment that must be managed and monitored from the beginning of the process.   With this in mind the Next Level Plus Change Management Process instills in all of their processes the importance of clarity of vision, effective communication, team and coalition building and persistence throughout the entire process.  It is through the persistent application of the change management process that we assist management in getting past all the hurdles and obstacles that may interfere with the organization getting to the point of forgetting ‘the way it used to be.  Until you get to that point you have to continue to manage the change and monitor the process.

Rethink Business Strategy


Next Level Plus professionals can function as your organization's advisory team to help you analyze and resolve challenges and opportunities facing your organization.  Our advisory teams are comprised of business advisors of multiple disciplines and expertise, all of whom own their own business and are willing to use their experience to provide in-dept and comprehensive advisory services to help your organization go to the next level. This valuable management resource can provide direction, accountability and expertise that leads to the growth and success of your organization. 


The Best of Both Worlds


Advisory Team vs. Board of Directors

​Role of a Board of Directors

  • Has a fiduciary responsibility to the company and can be liable for mistakes that a company makes.
  • Have an obligation to the company first, and the owner or CEO comes second.

Role of Advisory Team Members

  • ​Don't have fiduciary responsibility and therefore can not be held liable.
  • The owner and CEO comes first and helps them steer the organization in the right direction.

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