What interim executive services does NLP offer?

Critical decisions are at the fabric of a chief executive's and business owner’s daily life.  Change, improve, innovate, focus on priorities, grow, hire or fire are just some of the decisions that you find yourself making.  You realize that you cannot make all of the critical decisions effectively and at the same time do all that you do to run your organization by yourself. What if you could duplicate yourself or a member of your management team? What if you could staff a need or area of weakness in your organization, for an interim period, through a part-time position?


What have other business owners found through the use of interim executive services?

Business owners have found our part-time Interim Office Executive services a viable and affordable solution to their management needs.

Through our interim executive services you will have a member of Next Level Plus who will be the added "boots on the ground" that you need and will "put their hands to the plow" with you to move your organization to the next level.  We commit to taking the necessary time to learn and stay informed about your organization so that we can effectively partner with you to accomplish your short and long-term goals. 


Immediate Benefits

Immediate benefits that our clients find with our on-site expert engagement relationship include the following:

  • Access to a seasoned, trusted professional that have been successful in business, and who have a minimum of a Master’s Level Degree and over two decades of business executive experience.
  • We provide a hands-on, personalized and focused approach to growing your organization and addressing your issues with dedicated hours both on-site and off-site.
  • 100% confidentiality in all of your business dealings, financials and plans.
  • No long-term commitment required by you; goals are targeted for completion in 3-6 months.

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