Guiding Principles



To be the leading strategic resource of choice for small business owners and progressive church organizations who desire to take their organizations to the Next Level so that they can have a larger impact in the communities in which they live.  We want to be known for helping organizations take their dreams to desires and their desires to their destined end through our partnership and commitment to their vision.   



Our mission is to provide the highest quality technical resources, project management, and risk mitigation services through professional excellence that exceed our clients’ expectations. Bottom Line – We strive to be the right resource at the right time. 


Guiding Principles

The guiding principles that drive Next Level Plus are captured in a set of core values, known collectively as "The NLP Way." These principles are as much a part of our daily lifestyle as they are a part of our daily business practices, guiding our thought processes, responsiveness and defining how we do business. Every member of our firm lives in accordance to these essential core values.