Evaluation Process

Bridging your present to your future

The Evaluation Process is perhaps the most important step of the TrueNorth process.  This is when we review the findings of the church and ministry assessment with you and your team to clearly define what the next level looks like for your unique ministry dynamics (i.e. what it is that you desire to accomplish).  It is also at this time that we that we determine what steps that the church needs to take to get to the next level.  This discussion will bring to light the importance of striking a healthy balance between effective ministry systems and sound business practices in the church.  The conclusions drawn from the evaluation process will become the foundation for your church's customized Strategic Plan. 

What to Expect

We typically spend a few days to a few weeks conducting the assessment. We explore possibilities, probabilities and past indicators to reveal your church organization's unique personality—and that of your ministry leaders.  At the conclusion of the assessment, we are in a position to evaluate how small changes and adjustments can make big differences, fully in your ministry.

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