About Us

More than 80 years of combined experience to help you achieve next level success!

We are a church and business management consulting firm comprised of a diverse and experienced group of business consultants all of whom are widely respected and recognized in their respective areas of expertise. The firm was established with the goal of offering a comprehensive solution to help business owners and churches get to the next level.  What makes us truly unique is not only the fact that all members of Next Level Plus own and operate their own businesses, but it is our hands on approach to helping you move your vision forward.  We don't stop with advice or mere words, but we are willing to put the necessary boots on the ground and our hands to the plow to get the job done. 

Let our experience work for you.

Today's business environment is incredibly complex, ever-changing and difficult to navigate without a seasoned professional and experienced team by your side.  With our team of business owners, we are well-equipped to offer the highest quality services across the diverse spectrum of business needs.

We are here to assist you!

Whether you are trying to improve work flow, solve a problem, seize an opportunity or simply take your business to a higher level, we are here to assist you.